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Now more than ever, people want to feel part of something. They search for their tribe to live and share experiences and emotions. Being part of a community increases our visibility within those who share our interests, research our products, and want be informed about a specific topic (remember that there are always people behind every project, product, or company).

Right now, hashtags are a powerful aggregation channel. They are not just labels but also represent a sense of belonging and identification with a specific niche to which we also want to belong. For this reason, we tend to use the same hashtags to identify ourselves, our work, our projects. We want to be part of that niche, and when we use a particular hashtag, we are saying, “I’m there too”

“Community” is, therefore, the new formula to make yourself known and stand out. There are currently many profiles on social media (particularly on Instagram) that work as real agencies, acting as aggregators for a specific sector or niche. For example, pages/profiles publishing only photos of products, light design, hotels, interiors, art, etc.… 

Why? If I wanted to look for a project or product to get inspired or learn about new market trends within the vast world of the web, social media, and Instagram, I would start researching topics, keywords, or hashtags. However, I should be well-positioned to appear on the first pages of a search engine unless the person conducting the research knows what to look for: a name, the production company or place of business, the designer. This would mean that my project or my product is visible only to those who already know me

But if I’m a researcher hungry for news and trends and I’m aware of specific pages/profiles that focus on topics interesting for my profession or I’m passionate about, which show me news or products currently on the market for things like, for example, light design or new trends in luxury hotels, then I would start my research precisely from those pages/profiles. They would allow me to go into detail and learn about new designers, products, or trends. Remember that, besides using hashtags correctly, the fundamental rule for these profiles is always to credit the source – be it a designer, artist, photographer, etc

Community means sharing. Sharing contacts, hashtags, and followers. Sharing experiences, profession, and knowledge. A community acts as a gathering place for an audience interested in that specific sector to which we belong, but that with us alone would be a drop in the ocean.

The vast world of the web offers infinite possibilities. Still, getting noticed is increasingly difficult due to a large amount of information within it. Working by vertical aggregates and macro topics has become necessary. This is exactly what digital agencies working with social networks offer. They create pages/profiles showcasing images of products and projects for specific topics. These agencies are real influencers whose purpose is to bring to light large and small realities by sharing and generating a sense of belonging. Joining these profiles offers the enormous advantage of benefiting from the “knowledge of others” without necessarily struggling and overexert oneself to get more followers and views to be noticed

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