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Press Release and Communication 2.0. The benefits of the web

Web content represents a significant opportunity to broaden one’s identity and turn it into contacts.

“Help Me, Help You!”

That’s how Jerry Maguire convinced his only client to stay with him. Surely, there’s never been a more striking and direct way of offering help. And never in the history of information have we had so many tools only a click away, allowing us to communicate our work, who we are, and our professionalism.

Therefore, we are here to talk about the new communication 2.0, where web content can bring great opportunities but can also become a risk if managed badly. We must be responsible for the communication that leaves traces on the web

Web and social web

However, in the professional and creative world “communication” is the watchword that enables us to expand our network of contacts and, consequently, get more clients. The web and the social web have contributed to overcoming the limitations of space and time and integrating the communication, which should be increasingly considered as a unicum between the online and offline spaces. Multi-channelling has the big merit of showing the different point of view, the new angle, the many points of a vision.

Market and online strategy

Today’s market and competitiveness are forcing us to be online and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the web. Companies, professionals, people with ideas, passions and interests can aspire to become protagonists, improve their credibility and their business thanks to digital communication strategies and tools; in other words, they can carve out a niche for themselves in the market. Whatever their “size” or location, they will all have an opportunity. And the success they achieve will be proportional to their dedication to online communication. This is a strategic opportunity we can seize to improve  our presence, identity and awareness

International identity

We must remember the global reach of the web and the opportunities we can seize internationally. Even if up to now we’ve had a local identity, we can always aspire to expand it. There are many different types of tools available, all measurable in terms of perception, interaction and conversion rate of views into contacts and business

Press office 2.0

Communication methods have changed but the sender hasn’t. The role of the Press Office is to distribute your message directly to a qualified audience in two ways: making a Press Room available as a one-stop source of information for the Editor and others, and making the most of all the social channels available to increase visibility. Media coverage enhances your company’s profile and value, thus strengthening your message and image, while the publication on blogs and social networks increases exposure. The global reach of the web is the opportunity to take advantage of a fast and direct communication thanks to the tools available, which enable us to improve self-affirmation and identity. Thanks to the Web, we can overcome the limitations of space and time, integrating online and offline communication

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