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Tips and Tricks from an Editor. Teodora Zapartan | Inspirationist

Teodora is an architect and sociologist, founder of Inspirationist, a daily updated source of lifestyle inspiration from architecture, design, fashion and many more cultural areas

One reason they don’t publish you is simply because they don’t see you

In past “thus-blogs” and in our communications we refer several times to what is now called “digital reputation”. So how important is it  to be there and how important is it to be able to find contacts easily? Sometimes as a ex-editor I would decide not to contact a Designer and propose a publication because the first contact was only offered through a “form”. What do you think about that?

Teodora – Yes, I believe in this day and age the so-called digital reputation is important. I believe it does make it easier for people to come your way once they’ve heard of you before or stumbled upon your workonline. I, for one, admit that I would be more inclined to work with someone with a strong digital presence and with an easily accessible portfolio, than with someone who contacts me directly, but is almost non-existent digitally. Of course, if their work is something I resonate with, not just empty fuss

The problem of photos

In a previous blog we talked about how important, if not decisive, are good photos in order to be published and then noticed. How many times have you happened to discard a project not for the project itself but for the unprofessional quality of the photos? Do you think (as Editor) a project with unattractive/professional photos could compromise the quality of the articles you offer to your readers? 

Teodora – I absolutely believe good quality photos are important. And yes, I have discarded projects for lack of proper photography. We have a certain standard for the blog and I truly believe good lighting, good angles and image quality enhance the presentation of a project immensely

A Good Press Kit

Teodora – Yes, I have also discarded projects for lack of information. We have a guideline for submission on the blog and those who don’t meet the minimum requirements are not considered for publication. A complete Press Kit does indeed make my work much easier, because a constant back and forth asking for extra information is a loss of time I can’t always afford. We have accepted submissions with too little or too much information and adjusted accordingly, but we only make exceptions when the projects are really good and fit the Inspirationist’s style. Most often we have to resize pictures as they are submitted in print hi-res quality and us being an online publication, we use onlyweb-res

What an Editor is looking for

What makes you choose one project over another? What do you look for in the projects you select for your readers? 

We look mostly for projects that fit the Inspirationist’s style which tends towards minimal, clean, sculptural, sometimes raw, industrial, but also warm and natural. We’re not into extremely adorned buildings or interiors, opulence or a myriad of materials and textures. We like projects that are striking in their simplicity, that say a lot with a minimal (perceivable) effort



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